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S O M E T Y M E S   W H Y  A L B U M S :  

Your Heart is a Glorious Machine

Y O U R   H E A R T  I S  A  G L O R I O U S  M A C H I N E

Released 2009 on SIGNATURE SOUNDS
Produced by JOSE AYERVE
Engineered by MAX FELDMAN

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Sometimes Why Album Cover

S O M E T I M E S   W H Y

Self-titled debut album released 2005
(We've changed the spelling of our band name since then!)
Produced & Engineered by SOMETYMES WHY with MICHAEL MERENDA

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A L S O :

Hear our song "The Sound Asleep" on ABC TV's Private Practice. Episode 310.

Watch Youtube videos from Banjo Jim's in NYC:

"Hush Child"
"Too Repressed"

Hear us live on NPR's Mountain Stage.