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Sometymes Why at Dreamland Studios


"Seduction can rarely be consciously manufactured. The real deal fills our senses and inspires unreasonable, perhaps even unwise reactions, but lordy it feels good... There's a gorgeous, subtle overlap to this collaboration that suggests nothing less than an estrogen rich answer to early Crosby, Stills & Nash... Early Joni Mitchell is the easy reference point, but Sometymes Why is tougher, less man-handled, more aware of their power and more willing to use it than that legendary waif of the canyon." – JamBase

"Like listening to a dream. Each song sounds as if they were singing only to you." – Modern Acoustic

"A very earthy, organic-sounding album. It never sounds the least bit corporate... and the fact that Sometymes Why are rootsy doesn't mean that they play it safe." – All Music Guide

"These are three very astute modern women, wo are self aware, and nimble of mind, and playful. [Glorious Machine] is a masterpiece of Victorian silk and lace... one of the most beautiful, sensual and at times passionate discs to grace the player in a long time. " – Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"This is the kind of stuff that could finally blow the door open on a new generation's folk music scare... these sirens are hard to resist." – The Midwest Record